Jul 25 2011

CreditDimensions upgrades its hierarchy module

In the latest release of CreditDimension we have enhanced our hierarchy management capabilities. Upgraded version of hierarchy module has a new web based visual interface with collapsible control for rendering hierarchy trees; drag and drop functionality for linking entities to an appropriate parent group or moving entities from one group to other.

To map an entity to an immediate parent, you can search and arrange source and target group structures side by side on the screen. Simply select an entity with or without its subsidiaries and drop it on the target hierarchy tree.

This upgraded module allows you to store and display multiple parent information having different percentage of ownerships in any given entity, all adding up to 100. Now system limitation shouldn’t be the reason to restricted your business rules to capture single immediate parent with only >50% ownership

Three relationship types that are configured in the base version are legal, business and all. Business hierarchy covers following relationship types.

· Fund–Investment Manager or Advisor relation

· Fund–Sponsor relation

· Fund–Trust relation

· Sub Fund–Umbrella Fund relation

· Bank Branch–Main Bank relation

Please contact Gaurav Malik at gaurav.malik@ebusinessware.com to have a free of charge and no obligation experience of our all new hierarchy module. Visit our blog site for any comments and questions

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  1. Gaurav Malik said:

    Dated July 2011, CDI release 5.3.0 :- Added following features to the view hierarchy module

    Filter: - Filter option is used to slice and dice golden version of hierarchy tree. Different options in filter are industry sector, geography, percentage ownership, etc.. Once filters are applied, you can save the view for future reference. This action doesn’t overwrite the golden version view which is maintained by the data custodians/ remediation teams.

    Export: This options allows you to extract the current view into excel file. You can choose to extract the visual or in the form or a data feed

    Share: Share your view with users in the same role

    FATCA Lookup: User can put the customer name it is doing business with and the system displays if that customer has any relationship with US based entity up in the hierarchy. This basic feature will be enhanced to help FFIs in FATCA compliance.

    Few more features to be released in this fall. Along with the technology the module comes with the hierarchy data of the large 1000 groups. This covers approximate 100k legal entities.

    August 5th, 2011 at 9:24 am


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