Mar 10 2012

How Do We Define Direct Marketing?

This post is from advertising leader Lester Wunderman, from his book Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay. (New York: Random House, Inc., 1996).
Since my early career, I’ve learned to  believe in the value of test marketing and evaluation of the marketplace.  My teams follow a direct marketing plan in accordance with the ideas [...]

Feb 18 2012

On the Importance of Plateauing

Speaking with leaders in business, sales, and athletics has led to new confidence in understanding the phases of growth, and how we discern one portion of our life’s journey from the next.

Jan 21 2012

How Can We Co-Opt the Competition?

Making the transition from a decade of work as a mortgage broker to a fresh start working for a banking direct lender could have been a real challenge. Instead, it was an opportunity to grow market share.

Dec 10 2011

Distilling Innovation with

When competitive challenges mount, the best leverage in many small companies is innovation and the ability to implement change more quickly and with better results than in large organizations.

Nov 28 2011

What is Courage in a Corporate Setting?

By avoiding toxic loan programs that seemed too good to be true, an independent real estate brokerage was able to weather the storm of mortgage crisis and grow in a time of loss.

Nov 10 2011

Reaching Beyond B2B to the Consumer

Caught in the bind between reaching out to the individual customer at discount Internet pricing or protecting existing relationships with distributors and resellers, one manufacturer found a way to tread lightly.

Oct 19 2011

From $4 A Share To $404: How Apple Succeeded

I’m going to draw your attention to Time Machine. This simple innovation is exactly how Apple Computer beat the bigs. It’s how a group of guys and girls from simple beginnings got to become that American fable of building a better mousetrap, founding a company in the “garage” and going on to superstardom and independent wealth.

Jul 25 2011

CreditDimensions upgrades its hierarchy module

In the latest release of CreditDimension we have enhanced our hierarchy management capabilities. Upgraded version of hierarchy module has a new web based visual interface with collapsible control for rendering hierarchy trees; drag and drop functionality for linking entities to an appropriate parent group or moving entities from one group to other.
To map an [...]

Jul 21 2011

Can You Really Change the Establishment?

In 1999, the world’s oldest publisher turned to the newest global medium: The Internet. By creating a modern strategy to package timeless material, Oxford created a Web 2.0 vision to sell more books.

Jun 9 2011

A Call for Coordinated Cloudbursts

A cloud computing model is needed that can take overall data points and feedback items into account and can plan to work and react ahead of usage in an overall architecture.

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